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PhD Student

Sara R. da Silva graduated with an H.B.Sc. from the University of Toronto in 2010, where she completed a Specialist in Biology and research in insect physiology under Dr. Angela B. Lange.  


She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Medicinal Chemistry under the supervision of Dr. Patrick T. Gunning in the Department of Chemistry 

at UofT, with a projected convocation in 2016. Her research currently involves the design and in vitro validation of novel inhibitors of the UBA5 activating enzyme, which are being evaluated as potential therapeutics against cancer as well as against the parasites responsible for causing the neglected tropical disease Leishmaniasis.  


Throughout her graduate studies, Sara has been actively involved in graduate student development, and founded and directed the UTM Choir from 2010-2014. Outside of UofT, Sara is the Director of Curriculum Development for the GTA-based, not-for-profit organization Visions of Science Network for Learning (VoSNL) Inc., which aims to advance the educational achievements and career aspirations of marginalized and under-represented youth (grades 3-8) in the science, technology,

engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.   


In  her spare time, Sara enjoys singing in a Portuguese theatre group and her church choir, playing seasonal sports with the lab, painting, and traveling. 

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