Past and current collaborators

Dr. Rob Laister

University Health Network

Dr. Berge Minassian


Dr. Daniel Gough

Institute of Medical Research

Dr. William Muller

McGill Tyrosine kinase epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) family

Dr. Gurmit Singh

McMaster University Pathology and Molecular Medicine

Dr. Vinod Chandran

University of Toronto Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology

Dr. Tony Mazzulli

University of Toronto Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology

Dr. Sheila Singh

McMaster University, Medulloblastoma

Dr. Melissa Fishel

Indiana University, Pancreatic Cancer

Dr. Mark Minden

Princess Margaret Hospital - STAT5 in Leukemias

Dr. Len Luyt

Western University, 18F labelled Inhibitors

Dr. Aaron Schimmer

Princess Margaret Hospital - Leukemia drug discovery

Dr. Artee Luchman

University of Alberta, Glioblastoma

Dr. David Frank

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, STAT3

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Dr. Aubry Miller

German Cancer Research Center

Dr. Stefan N. Constantinescu

Ludwig Cancer Research

Dr. Sultan Darvesh

Dalhousie Division of Neurobiology

Dr. Michael Rudnicki

The Ottawa Hospital

Dr. Joshua Milstein

University of Toronto Biological Physics

Dr. Suzanne L. Trudel

Princess Margaret Hospital - STAT3 in Multiple Myeloma

Dr. Ulrich Krull

Nanotechnology and Fluidics for Bioassays and Theranostics

Dr. Sirano Dhe-Paganon

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, STAT3 and E1 enzymes

Dr. Sameul Asfaha

Western University, Inhibitors of Colitis Dr. Sheila Singh, McMaster University, Medulloblastoma

Dr. Sam Weiss

University of Alberta, Glioblastoma

Dr. Richard Moriggl

University of Vienna - STAT5 Inhibitor Research

Dr. Michael Deininger

Huntsman Cancer Research Institute, STAT3 inhibitors in CML

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