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Post Doctoral Fellow


Tim received his B.Sc. (Honors Specialization in Chemistry) from Western in 2014, before moving to Queen's University for his graduate studies. There, he worked on the development of new methods in asymmetric C–C bond formation (rhodium catalysis) under the supervision of Prof. Andy Evans. His research was recognized with an OGS Award and an NSERC PGS D Fellowship. After completing his Ph.D. in 2019, Tim ventured south of the border to pursue a postdoctoral fellowship in the Herzon laboratory at Yale. Here, his research involved the total synthesis of antiproliferative marine natural products (terpenoids).


Currently, Tim is immersed in a number of projects with the Gunning Group. His interests include the synthesis of small molecule inhibitors for a variety of targets (eg. GYS1, HDAC6), the design, synthesis and selectivity profiling (chemoproteomics) of new lysine-targeted covalent inhibitors (and probes) as well as the development of novel heterobifunctional ligands. In his spare time, Tim enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including golf, camping and spending time with his wife.

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