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Project Coordinator

Fettah completed his Bachelors program at the University of Toronto Mississauga in 2013. His studies focused on Molecular Biology and Chemistry. He then began his graduate studies at the York University under the supervision of Dr. Gerald Audette and was honored a Masters of Science degree in Chemistry, in 2016. Fettah’s research specialty during his MSc studies was in the field of structural biology, with X-ray crystallography being the main tool at work.

Currently, Fettah is utilizing this specialty to demonstrate how our drug molecules interact with the STAT proteins. Visualizing the protein-drug interaction does not only confirm the proposed mechanism of action at the binding site, but also enables our scientists to better design their molecules by optimizing their functionalities in accordance to the binding pocket.

Fettah enjoys playing any sport but especially likes soccer. He also prefers to spend his spare time by reading and contemplating on the history of mankind as well as nature.

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