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Gunning Lab Facilities

Our 3,600 sq ft laboratory includes spaces equipped for chemical synthesis, biophysical and biochemical studies, and level II cell biology.

Fume Hoods

Our lab houses 22 fume hoods which are used for chemical synthesis. These energy efficient WALDNER fume hoods provide excellent protection to the chemists and their highly efficient waste disposal system minimizes the scientists’ exposure to toxic vapours and spills. 


BSC Cabinets
BSC Cabinets
BSC Cabinets

The molecules designed and synthesized by chemists are screened against cancer cell lines in our two level II biosafety cabinets. The biosafety cabinets prevent contamination of the cell samples and provide protection to the scientist. 

Gunning Lab Renovatitons

Our renovated space including the laboratories, offices and “thinkpods” encourage collaboration and innovative thinking. New touchscreens allow students and researchers to illustrate their theories via a digital whiteboard and then to share their ideas with the team with a simple click of a button. It’s absolutely stunning and a powerful enabler for our work,

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