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Past PhD Student


To make a significant impact in science, human health and business.


•Scientific Leadership in Oncology: managed multiple, concurrent scientific projects in cross-disciplinary, and fast paced environments, and led a team of 8 scientists through the drug discovery process to develop, and publish the world’s first cancer drug that functions by immobilizing the oncogene to inhibit it’s activity 
•Strategic Development: identified and developed strategic relationships with clinical oncologists by leveraging scientific data, and academic, medical and scientific knowledge, leading to flourishing collaborations and the publication of 6 articles, in addition to 2 manuscripts currently in preparation
•Communication: partook in scientific exchange with academics and healthcare professionals to influence research decisions, wrote scientific articles and research grants, presented research at world-renown cancer conferences, and synthesized complex information and presented to scientists and non-experts at invited lectures and seminars
•Entrepreneurial Spirit: established relationships with >70 professors from various sectors, organized, promoted, budgeted and hosted educational workshops and networking events for 100+ guests, as well as developed and implemented a business certificate program for PhD students at the University of Toronto 

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