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Rebecca Allan


PhD Student

Originally from the UK, Rebecca completed a Masters of Chemistry Degree (MChem) at Cardiff University, UK. During the four-year intercalated degree, she completed over two-years of full-time research in world-leading groups such as the Bayley Lab at Oxford University, the Gunning Group at the University of Toronto and lastly completed her Master’s Thesis under the supervision of Professor Rudolf Allemann at Cardiff.


At each institution Rebecca has focused on expanding her repertoire of scientific tools and has aimed to clarify and expand her knowledge on various topics within biophysics, synthetic biology, medicinal chemistry and protein Engineering. Some of Rebecca’s research highlights include: Morphological Analysis of Colloidal 3D Printed Networks (Oxford University), Development of Small Molecule Histone De-Acetylase Inhibitors (University of Toronto) and Design and Synthesis of I-TevI-AuLOV Domain Endonucleases (Cardiff University).     


Rebecca has gained admittance into the graduate school of chemistry at the University of Toronto as a doctoral student where she will be continuing work in the medicinal chemistry field, under the supervision of Patrick Gunning. Outside of academia, Rebecca takes part in varsity cross-country and runs her own online tutoring and webinar business.      

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