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80. Reciprocal regulation of the Cadherin-11/Stat3 axis by caveolin-1 in mouse fibroblasts and lung carcinoma cells.
M.Geletu, R.Mohana, R.Arulanandama A.Berger-Becvar, R.Nabid, P.T.Gunning, L.Raptisa

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Cell Research, Volume 1865, Issue 5, May 2018, Pages 794-802


79. ProxyPhos Sensors for the Detection of Negatively Charged Membranes.
Murcar-Evans, B., Cabral, A., Toutah, K., De Araujo, E. D., Lai, A., Macdonald, P., Berger-Becvar, A., Kraskouskaya, D., Gunning P. T.,  Analyst, 2017, Accepted Manuscript DOI 10.1039/C7AN00568G

78. High-throughput thermofluor based assays for inhibitor screening of STAT SH2 domains.
De Araujo, E. D., Manaswiyoungkul, P., Israelian, J., Yuen, K., Farhangi, S., Berger, A., Abu-Jazar, L., Gunning, P. T. Pharm. Bioomed. Anal. 2017 accepted. Manuscript ID#JPBA_2017_399. IF = 3.169

77. Optimization and application studies of ProxyPhos, a chemosensor for the detection of proximally phosphorylated peptides and proteins in aqueous solutions.

Kraskouskaya, D., Cabral, A., Fong, R., Bancerz, M., Toutah, K., Rosa, D. A., Gardiner, J. E., De Araujo, E., Duodu, E., Armstrong, D., Fekl, U., Gunning, P. T. Analyst 2017, Accepted April 17th, 2017 Manuscript ID: AN-ART-11-2016-002537 IF = 4.107.

76. CD133+ brain tumour initiating cells are dependent on STAT3 signaling to drive medulloblastoma recurrence.

Garg, N., Bakhshinyan, D., Venugopal, C., Rosa, D. A., Vijayakumar, T., Manoranjan, B., Hallett, R., McFarlane, N., Mahendram, S., Delaney, K., Kwiecien, J., Arpin, C. C., Lai, P-S., Gomez-Biagi, R. F., Ali, A. M., Ajani, O. A., Hassell, J., Gunning, P. T., Singh, S. K. Oncogene 2017, 5, 606-617.

75. Strategies for over-expression and purification of recombinant full length STAT5B in Escherichia coli.

De Araujo, E., Geletu, M., Gunning, P. T. Protein Expression and Purification. 2017, 129, 1-9.

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