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PhD Student

Stacey graduated from Queen's University (Kingston, ON) in 2011 as a specialist in biochemistry. She has previously studied the structure-activity relationships of antifreeze proteins with Dr. Peter L. Davies at Queen's. Stacey has also worked in Dr. Molly Shoichet's laboratory, also at UofT, using nanoparticles as targeted drug delivery systems against breast cancer.


Stacey is now involved in the rational design and synthesis of compounds designed to inhibit E1 activating enzymes for ubiquitin-like molecules selectively. Her focus involves targeting SAE for use in delineating the role of protein SUMOylation in disease progression, and inhibiting UBA5 for investigating the role of UFM1 conjugation in lung cancer and leishmaniasis.


Stacey is involved in the chemical synthesis as well as the biological testing within these projects.

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